The library has an extensive family history collection. Although it is not the department policy to purchase family histories at this time, it receives many donations from authors, society members, and book publishers.  Be sure to check our online catalog for your family name at: 

Not only are there specific family histories, but many volumes of materials published that pertain to an Area or Region. For example:

Many family histories pertain to families of Royal Descent: Our Surname Vertical File has extensive file folders of many papers pertaining to certain families. The good news --they have all been cataloged and can be found by searching our online catalog.  Instead of a dewey decimal number, you will see "Surname - Vertical File." The following is a sample list of families that can be found in the file cabinets:

Abbott, Ackerly, Adams, Alvarez, Alden, Aldrich, Alford, Apgar, Aslebees, Atherton, Atkinson, Averett, Ayer, Bailey, Baird, Balch, Ball, Bangs, Barbehenn, Barnes, Barnett, Bartlett, Bassett, Batchelder, Blaisdell, Blair, Blackford, Billiou, Bigelow, Bicknell, Beverage, Bent, Bennett, Belknap/Belnap, Belden, Beamsley, Beardsley, Beal, Baxter, Baumeister, Blossom, Bonham, Bonnell, Boone, Bortner, Bourne, Bouton/Boughton, Bowers, Bowman, Bowron, Bradford, Bradley, Bradstreet, Bray, Briggs, Brigham, Brooks, Broomhead, Brophy, Brown, Buchanan, Buck, Bullard, Bullock, Burton, Buser, Butterworth, Buttolph, Byrd/Bird, Campbell, Carnes, Carpenter, Carroll, Catlin, Cessar/Caesar, Chamberlain, Chandler, Chase, Chastain, Cheney, Chickering, Clark, Clement(s), Cleveland, Cogan/ Coggen, Cogswells, Colepeper, Conger, Conrad, Cooley, Cope, Coppenhaver, Coriell, Crane, Cross, Crosby, Crowell, Cubbedge, Cullen, Cunningham, Currier, Currin/Curran, Curtis, Cushing, Cutler, Cutter, Damon/Dammen/ Diamond, Dumont/ Dumond, Davidson/ Davison, de Ayala, Dehart, Deming, Denbo, Denison, Detray, Dexter, Dodge, Dudley, Dunn, Dunster, Dunston, Dwright, Eliot, Emery, Faas (Fash), Felch, Felder/ Felderin, Fellows, Finley, Fischer/Fisher, Fisk, Fletcher, Foote, Fosdick, Fowle, Fowler, Fraley, Frary, Frazer/Frazier, Frye, Fuller, Gardner/Gardiner, Gauthier, Gault, Gay, Getz, Gilbert, Goddard, Good, Goodale, Goodhue, Gould, Gove, Gray, Green(e), Greenwood, Gregory, Griffith, Groff, Grover, Hall, Hammond, Hanscom, Hardy, Hartzog, Hatch, Hatfield, Hayward, Heard/Herd/ Hird/ Hurd, Heidler, Hicks, Hildreth, Hilton, Hoar, Hoff, Holman, Holt, Holton, Holtzapple, Hopkins, Hoskins, Hott, Howe, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hudson, Hull, Hurlburt, Hutchinson, Ide, Ilgenfritz, Ingraham, Jackson, Janney, Johnson, Jordan, Jouet, Kientz, Keller, Kelly, Kennedy, Kern(s), Kilbourne, Kimball, Kingsley, Knauss, Knott, Koehler, Kramer, Lafollette, Lane, Lanius, Larkin, LaRoche/LaRoach, Lathrop/Lothrop, Law, Leach, Learned, Lee, Leech, Leland/Layland, Leslie, Libersky, Lillibridge, Little, Lobdell, Long, Lord, Loring, Luther, Lyon, McCoy, McCauley, McLendon/MacLennan, McLeod, McMikle, McNaughten, Maphet/Moffat, Marbury, Marlet/Merlette, Martiau, Mason, Meeker, Meeks, Merriam, Merwin, Metcalf, Michael, Miller, Milligan/Mulligan, Minot, Molleson, Moore, Morse, Mundy, Nash, Nave, Neville, Newcomb, Norman, North, Ober, Oliver, O'Mahoney, Ormsby, Osgood, Ostrander, Ouderkirk, Owen, Padgett, Paige, Paine, Palmer, Pangburn, Paris, Parke/Parks, Parmenter/Parmentier, Partridge, Paston, Pearce, Peck, Pell, Penn, Pennimen, Peters, Phelps, Pike, Poore, Post, Potocki, Potter, Pound, Prather, Presley, Pugh, Pyatt/Piatt, Quattlebaum, Quincy, Ray (Rhea, Rae, Rea, Wray, etc.), Rayner/ Reyner, Reams, Redfield, Reed, Reisinger, Reynolds, Rice, Richards, Richardson, Rickey, Ring, Roache/Roche, Roberts, Robbins, Robinson, Rollo, Rose, Rowell, Runyon, Russell, Sampson, Sams, Sanford, Sawyer, Schaeffer, Seabrook, Seaman, Seney/Senay Senet/Sene, Sethick, Shanholtzer, Sheffield, Shepard/Sepherd, Sherman, Sherrill, Shine, Shotwell, Sibbald, Simmonds/Symonds, Singer, Skemp, Slane, Slonakers, Slutz, Smalley, Smith, Sotheron, Soule, Southworth, Spann, Squires, Staub/Staeb, Stelle, Stemple, Sterne/Stearns, Stevens, Stokely, Stone, Stranahan, Stgrausbaugh, Streikt, Strickhauser, Swartz, Sylvester, Taft, Talbott, Tatum/Tatom, Terry, Thacker, Thurston, Tillinghast, Tilson, Titcomb, Todd, Townsend, Treadway, Trotter, Throwbridge, Turnball, Tybbot, Tyson, Tyrrell/Terrell/Terrrill, Vassall, Vining, Vinton, Wacha, Waite, Wallace, Walker, Walling, Ward, Warner, Warren, Watson, Weathers, Webb, Weld, Wells, Wentz, West, Whale, Wheeler, Whipple, Whitacre, White, Whitehead, Whittier, Wigfield, Willard, Willey, Williams, Wilson, Winthrop, Wise, Wiseman, Woodbury, Woodford, Woodward, Wright, Wurts, York, Young, Zeigler


The most underused item in the library is the vertical file. Of course, it is ironic that the big metal cabinet drawers are actually horizontal, but are stacked vertically. It was necessary to create these files for miscellaneous information donated that is too small to shelve, or was unpublished, or just interesting and appeared to be valuable for future use. The files are used to help answer many questions and find difficult resources. The drawers are arranged in the following subjects:

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