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Vero Beach

Where did Vero Beach get its name?

Over the years, local researchers and historians have been trying to solve the mystery of the word "Vero." Many local and state-wide publications have printed incorrect and undocumented facts about its origination. On September 19, 1891, Henry T. Gifford asked the United States Post Office for permission to establish a post office in his own home (Post Office Site Locations, 1891). Ironically, on the application it appears the U.S. Postmaster thought "Vero" was an error, and he wrote over the first letter and put a "Z" to make it "Zero." (See image.) Mr. Gifford corrected the postmaster by drawing the letter "V" with very thick lines (copy of application can be found in the Indian River County Local History file at the Main Library.)

Today, we have ten or more theories on where the name "Vero" came from. Click here to see the list of  the 10 most popular theories  and one more about the argument with Henry Flagler that some day may prove to be the “real reason” for the name. Do you have a theory too? Email us and we will add it to the list. 

Post Office Application for the name Vero

29 September 1891

Vero Platted by Herman Zeuch

November 1912

Vero Incorporated

10 June 1919

Vero Changed to Vero Beach and incorporated

19 May 1925

Indian River County formed

30 June 1925

Official Flower approved: Hibiscus

17 October 1967